Digital Door Lock, The Latest Innovations that Offer Added Security

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It is important for homeowners to ensure the level of security of their residence. Well, one of the latest innovations that offer added security is the digital door lock. Digital locks are a modern solution that utilises advanced technology to secure homes with special features.

Digital Door Lock

Top Features of Digital Door Lock

Digital locks are powered by digital technology. Because it offers a number of advantages, it makes it more favoured than conventional locks. Some of these include:

Fingerprint sensor, the fingerprint sensor allows registration of up to 100 fingerprints for fast and secure access. Thus, its accuracy speeds up the process of opening the door in seconds.

Use of password or PIN, in addition to fingerprints, you can access the digital lock through PIN settings. Of course, this right allows access with a numeric code that the user chooses.

Card access is similar to hotel access systems. You can use the access card to open the door easily.

Face scanner, in addition, certain digital lock products offer access through a face scanner or face unlock. This allows users to open the door automatically once registered in the system.

Emergency USB slot, the presence of an emergency USB slot allows opening the door when the battery runs out. This can provide additional security.

Manual key, despite using digital technology, the physical key remains as a backup in case of emergencies such as running out of power or lights out.

Security alarm, the alarm system will sound in the event of an unauthorised access attempt, such as repeatedly entering the wrong PIN.

The Urgency of Using Digital Lock for Home Doors

The increasing threats to home security make the use of digital door locks important. Some reasons for the urgency of using digital locks include:

Higher level of security, replacing conventional locks with digital locks is an important step to protect your home and family from the threat of crime.

Aesthetics and practicality, in addition to increasing security, digital locks can also improve the aesthetics of home doors with modern designs and attractive features.

Limited access, digital locks allow users to control who has access to the house. Thus creating a private space without interference.

Digital Lock Product Recommendations from Onassis


This product’s standout features include face photo sensor via smartphone and access for up to 300 users.


Capable of over 100 fingerprints and 100 access cards, it comes with a manual key, built-in camera, LCD display, and is compatible with the Onassis Smart app on mobile phones.


Its special feature is an app that allows temporary passwords to be assigned to guests with a specific access time limit. It also comes with an emergency USB slot and uses 4pcs AA batteries.

Digital door lock is a superior choice in improving home security with modern features. Buying a product that suits your needs and home security is a wise step.