How Your Company Could Benefit From An Asset Tracking System

Asset Tracking System

it’s a difficult task to manually input every piece of equipment by name and to record the location of each piece. This system is totally reliant on the person who has been allocated to the task. When reading information from a list, how easy it is to completely omit an entire line. We all have ‘off’ days when our mind is somewhere else and not on the job in hand. That line might contain your most valuable assets – and in one easy stroke they have been wiped off your inventory. It gets worse, if the goods have not been ‘checked-in’ then when they have been sold or are required at another location, how are you going to find out where they are and check them out?

How many hours or even days are lost by an employee looking for the asset? Whether because of theft or the item being ‘borrowed’ and never returned. Needle and haystack come to mind. Your staff could be more productive by doing the job they are employed to do – not spend their time looking for mislaid assets. Your business will be more efficient and more productive if you implement an asset tracking system.

This is why an asset tracking system must be an essential part of your company’s’ infrastructure. All your assets will be visible and easily identifiable. Therefore, when the item has been sold or is required at another location it is a simple task to pinpoint the item and move it. Your staff will no longer have to spend hours trying to locate it. This is turn leads to a streamlined checking in and out process tracking your assets at every stage of their life. A reliable asset tracking system can reduce costs and improve efficiency for all types of businesses.

Another, just as important role for the asset tracking system is theft. Once the item has been tagged, recorded and stored within your compound it is relatively secure. Should this item be moved without authorisation an alarm will inform the system. An operator can then decide if the item is being stolen or if the correct procedure for moving items has not been adhered to. Once a decision has been made the item can then be either entered correctly on the system as being moved to another location. Or, the police, or in-house security can be informed and immediately be made aware of the situation.

As you can see there are valid and concrete reasons why every company needs an asset tracking system to make the most of their employees time and to show to their business partners that they operate an efficient and security conscience company. Implementing a proven asset tracking system will allow them to pinpoint their assets at any given moment.

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