What You Should Know – Garmin NuVi 2555LMT Hardware Features

The Garmin nüvi 2555LMT is a GPS navigator system in the line of Garmin’s advanced nüvi series. It is a significant gadget due to its updated status and several customization options, exit services and improved functionality when it comes to searches. Since this model is in the line of advanced nüvi series, the gadget comes with preloaded maps of US, Canada and Mexico. The gadget has an extra 5 inch screen. Although the 2555LMT is an improvement of the 2555LT, the 2555LT does not have lifetime maps and traffic updates. This also means that both gadgets are identical except the map feature and size of the screen which is 4.3 inches.

The Garmin nüvi 2555LMT has several cool hardware features but one of the biggest hardware disappointments is that the model does not come with a powered mount. This is also the case with other gadgets in the Garmin’s line of advanced nüvi series. A driver will therefore have to plug in the USB connector into the unit every time the driver wants to use the gadget. However, the gadget makes a lot of sense when it is removed from the USB connector while still powered on. It also records the driver’s last parking location and for the driver to get the location of the spot, the driver only has to press Apps then Last Spot on the gadget. This is easily achieved because the gadget contains a magnet on its lower portion.

There are eight dashboards on the Garmin nüvi 2555LMT. Basically, the dashboards are layouts for data fields and one can access them by going to Settings, Map and Vehicle then Dashboards. There are icons on the device right side and which are known as map buttons. On the map buttons, a driver can have several options including Where am I, Exit services, Detour, Phone, Mute, Stop, Traffic, Map Layers, Trip Computer, Where to, Audible and Brightness.

On the map layers of the Garmin nüvi 2555LMT, there are three choices a driver can have. The driver can however choose at least three options to be displayed on the map including Trip Log, Traffic and Places on the road. There is also the point of interest icon on the screen although it is not possible for a driver to customize the point of interest to be displayed as 3D on the moving map. However, this is different when browsing through the map mode. On the map mode, one can drill through different categories available on the device.

For a driver travelling for a long distance or to busy destinations, the Garmin nüvi 2555LMT gadget is a must have because of the several route choices it offers to drivers. One cannot easily get lost when using the gadget because it contains a single button which can be used to name as well as save locations. With custom advances built in the device, these enable a driver to omit areas or roads from routes thereby saving drivers on fuel and time.

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