Communications Solutions for Successful Businesses

For over three decades I have been providing the small and midsize enterprise business community consultation and cutting edge voice network technology and services. In my experience in consulting with hundreds of successful business leaders over the years, I have found that these unique people have a few things in common. All of them are forward thinkers and are looking for competitive advantages whether their goals are to improve the customer experience or to grow market share. The best way that they accomplish this is to evaluate the way the business interacts with customers and the potential marketplace through technology.

What were once considered simple hardware based systems are now highly flexible cloud and network based platforms. Many business are still holding on to the old technology with the mindset of if “it works, why change it”. I can agree with this mindset, but the world and how business is conducted is moving forward at near lightning speed. Because of this, so must your business. For example, today we have the “Internet of Things” and “Global Social Networking” which only a few years ago did not exist. We also have the ability to reach and secure new customers surpassing all boundaries. So the question then becomes, how can a communications platform provide the tools that my business needs in order to improve service and capture new customers?

One method I often recommend is the replacement of analog or digital services such as PRI’s or T1’s with SIP. How often have you thought about entering a new market place or expanding a current market place, but find that the cost of hiring and supporting a new team member was exceedingly expensive? We now have a solution. SIP is the tool that allows a business to expand its presence into new geographical markets, offering a local presence without the previously unavoidable investment in a new offices and new employees. How about offering your customers the ability to chat, email and speak to your customer service agents giving priority service to your most valued customers? Many businesses have remote workers or people in the field. Wouldn’t it be great to allow them to use either a personal or business supplied mobile device to transform them into a seamless user without being bound to the office? Each of these solutions can save your business money! Improve your customer satisfaction and grow your customer opportunities by leveraging these new technologies.

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